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PHP Live Project Training, Wordpress, Codeigniter, Larawell, Magento Trainer

What is PHP?

Taken straightforwardly from PHP’s home, “PHP is a HTML-implanted scripting dialect. A lot of its linguistic structure is acquired from C and Perl with two or three one of a kind PHP-particular elements tossed in. The objective of the dialect is to permit web engineers to compose powerfully produced pages rapidly.”

This is by and large a decent meaning of PHP. Notwithstanding, it contains a great deal of terms you may not be utilized to. Another approach to consider PHP is an effective, in the background scripting dialect that your guests won’t see!

When somebody visits your PHP site page, your web server forms the PHP code. It then observes which parts it needs to appear to visitors(content and pictures) and conceals the other stuff(file operations, math computations, and so forth.) then makes an interpretation of your PHP into HTML. After the interpretation into HTML, it sends the site page to your guest’s web program.

How to work with PHP?

It is also helpful to think of PHP in terms of what it can do for you. PHP will allow you to:
• Reduce the time to create large websites.
• Create a customized user experience for visitors based on information that you have gathered from them.
• Open up thousands of possibilities for online tools. Check out PHP – HotScripts for examples of the great things that are possible with PHP.
• Allow creation of shopping carts for e-commerce websites.

AMP Module work with PHP?

Apache: Apache acts as your Web server. Its main job is to parse any file requested by a browser and display the correct results according to the code within that file. Apache is quite powerful and can accomplish virtually any task that you, as a Webmaster, require.

PHP: PHP is a server-side scripting language that allows your Web site to be truly dynamic. PHP stands forPHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (and, yes, we’re aware PHP is a “recursive acronym”—probably meant to confuse the masses). Its flexibility and relatively small learning curve (especially for programmers who have a background in C, Java, or Perl) make it one of the most popular scripting languages around. According to Zend Technologies, Ltd., the central source of PHP improvements and designers of the Zend Engine, which supports PHP applications. Expert php training, advance php training at Horizzon Infotech. Avail php training in ahmedabad, advance php training in ahmedabad, php training in mehsana, advance php training in mehsana, Live Project Training in PHP from Experience PHP Develoers. Get Mysql Training, PHP Mysql Training in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Email us at for mysql training, ahmedabad, gujarat, india.

Mysql: Another open source favorite, MySQL is the database construct that enables PHP and Apache to work together to access and display data in a readable format to a browser. It is a Structured Query Language server designed for heavy loads and processing of complex queries. As a relational database system, MySQL allows many different tables to be joined together for maximum efficiency and speed. PHP training in ahmedabad, PHP training ahmedabad, PHP Mysql Training in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Contact Horizzon Infotech for Mysql Training, PHP Training, PHP Live Project training, PHP Classes, Mysql Coaching, PHP Coaching, PHP Training Institute, PHP MySQL Coaching, PHP MySQL Training in Ahmedabad, PHP Classes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Contact us at +91-8511943602, 9979476310, 9898876310, +91-79-40073002 or email us at for mysql training, php training, php coaching in ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


» Introduction of PHP
» Installing PHP Setup
» Configuration of PHP Apache and Mysql
» Configuration of PHP and Mysql Database

PHP Syntax:

» PHP Syntax Basic understanding
» Coding editor Basic (Dreamweaver)
» How to Save Your PHP Pages
» Creating a simple HTML & PHP Page

Using Comments and Coding Standard in PHP:

» Comment Syntax
» Single Line Comments
» Multiple Line Comments
» Good Commenting Practices

PHP Variables:

» PHP Variables Basic understanding
» A Simple Variable Example
» Variable Naming Conventions
» The Echo Function
» Outputting a String
» Echoing Quotes
» Echoing Variables

PHP Operators:

» PHP operators Basic understanding
» Assignment Operators
» Arithmetic Operators
» Comparison Operators
» String Operators
» Combination Arithmetic & Assignment Operators
» Increment & Decrements

Conditional Statements:

» The If Statement
» If/Else Conditional Statement
» Else if
» PHP Switch Statement
» Switch Statement: Default Case

Development of Dynamic Live Website:

» CMS Management Application
» Create Database Table for CMS
» Admin User and Login Management
» Admin Management For CMS Application
» Dynamic Website in readymade template
» Using Contact Us Form and Email Handling.
» Output level: Basic CMS

Sample Database:

» Building simple relational tables.
» Using PHP with a database
» Connecting to a database .
» Querying a database
» Displaying error messages

Using PhpMyAdmin:

» Understanding Database Basics
» Setting up your MySQL
» MySQL data types
» Basic SQL syntax elements

Using Session and Cookies Server Variables:

» Creating Session and Cookies variables Handling
» Passing Variables between Pages.
» Creating Get and Post variables for Form
» Passing Variables between Pages.




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