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Mobile User Experiences cum Usability Issues and Google

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Google is known for its affinity towards mobility as it was the pioneer enterprise that has declared mobile first approaches in its all strategies. Keeping it loves towards mobile friendliness, it has recently taken series of steps to encourage mobility across the web and in mobile app platform itself by introducing several initiatives on Android front.

Role of Google

Google has not only support the mobile app developers by introducing revolutionary steps through Google Play, but also boosted the morals of mobile friendly or responsive website developers. In due course, it has announced that the mobile friendliness of the website would be a ranking factor in its present and future search algorithm.

This announcement has brought sudden awakening call in web development community as well as mobile app developer community that how Google is serious regarding mobile user experiences and usability issues. On the web, Google is offering additional supports to the web developers who are curious to know the user experiences and usability they offer for the websites they have developed. Google is giving fine clues regarding these through webmaster tools and some through Google Analytics tools.

Google Tools

In Google Analytics, you will find an entirely devoted section for mobility as “Mobile Usability” section under the “Search Traffic” tab. Through this section, responsive web developers can find out errors as well as issues they have left during the development process and anything that they don’t know as updated technology.

For instance, you can find notification regarding some issues like Flash usage if you have, configuration errors for viewport, width issues of viewport, content layout issues of viewport, texts and images like content related issues, and finally, touch experiences related issues. Apart from these, there are extensive guidelines on the official blogs of Google regarding responsive designing, mobile experiences at native level, and mobile friendly web designing.

Can’t Rely on Google

However, you can’t totally rely on the flags of Google because it has to work on your website through an algorithm, but any human being is going for manual inspection at all. For instance, Google itself owns YouTube and it always converts the formats of your uploaded videos when it delivers to devices. It serves video format according to the nature and built of the devices.

Despite such high-tech efforts, many videos are getting flags of usage of Flash when embedded on a website and Google analytics recognize it. Another issue with Google is the real world mobile experiences tests because Google is only publishing results of the devices, which have been using by the current users. Thus, question arises when your target audience has potential to use multitudes of devices in near and far future.

The Best Advice

Therefore, the best advice in this regard is to use real world devices and browsers during QA process and run some guerilla UX survey if any intensive UX survey is not possible. Thus, you will get perfect clues of UX and usability of your mobile friendly websites or mobile application based on the web services.

If you want to save yourself from such lots of hassles, the best way is to select only highly experienced mobile application development company that also offering responsive web development services and Mindinventory is one of the best selections for offshore clients.

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