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Work Process

Best and competitive processes

Everything we do has to be organised and structured in a way that we are always working and oriented towards the right direction for client requirement delivery and success. In order to ensure that we are working in the right way and all teams are on the same page, we follow some of the best industry processes and systems. Our process is a simplified process that makes sure that the customers understand what we are doing or how we are progressing. Our work processes and tools are the core and are the crux of all our customer solution developments and delivery.

The methodology, tools, techniques, business realities and tactics and developmental tools we use are the latest and the best in the industry and we endure to set standards with our advanced work processes. We work closely to analyse the customer requirements, what is the status as on ground and what we are looking it and where do we need to take the customer business processes, systems and applications. What are the cost factors involved, how much manpower is required, what will the time involved and what all kinds of software and solution development tools are to be used.

Based on analysis, specifications and requirements are set. This acts as a guideline for everyone working on the project to know what has to be done, who will do it and by when. Thereafter, starts the design and development phase of our work processes methodology. While the team works on design, content is developed with SEO requirements and required meta tags. Coding is done to ensure that website works as required and expected along with safety measures in place. The most critical and important phase to us in our work process methodology is Testing what all we have done and integrated into a solution for our clients. We test our work many times over to ensure that there are no bugs and system is working as required and expected.

We ensure end user training and offer round the clock to support our clients with any issues post go live. Our focus on client and our aim to work for their success is at core of all our work processes, systems, efforts, methodologies and techniques.

1. Analysis

Analysis Once a buyer is commenced talking about his prerequisites, the assembly gets into it, to the introductory prerequisite analysis. As the world large web place is going to be a part of a procedure, It wants a whole examination as, how the world large web place or the world large web supported request for paid job is going to aid the present procedure and how the place is going to aid the business. Moreover the examination should cover all the characteristics principally on how the world large web place is going to unite the surviving system. The first valued thing is finding the directed at audience. Then, All the present hardware, programs, population and written knowledge should be deliberated as long as the time of analysis. For instance, if a financial gathering XYZ corp is in want of a world large web place to have its human supply particulars online, the examination assembly may a go to utilize the surviving written knowledge about the people employed from the present database. The examination should be wrapped up in the way, that it may not be too time using or with very less informative. The assembly should be competent to draw close up with the whole cost- gain examination and as the arrange for the venture will be an end wares of examination, it should be realistic. To realize this the analyst should consider the designers, developers and testers to draw close up with a practical plan.

Our Inputs

  • Interviews with the customers, Mails and sustaining docs by the customer, Discussions Notes, Online short two-way chat, kept details phone conversations,Model sites/applications etc.,

Our Outputs

  • Work arrange
  • Cost included
  • Team prerequisites
  • Hardware-software prerequisites
  • Supporting written material
  • The approval.

2. Specification Building

Preliminary specifications are drawn up by covering up each and every constituent of the requirement. For instance if the wares is a world large web place then the modules of the place embracing general layout, place navigation and dynamic elements of the place should be embraced in the spec. Larger ventures will demand farther stages of dialogue to examine supplemental enterprise and practical requirements. After re-evaluating and commending the introductory written material, a typed request is organised, delineating the scope of the venture embracing responsibilities, timelines and costs.

Our Inputs

  • Reports from the analysis team.

Our Outputs

  • Complete condition specifications to the people and the customer/customer’s representative.

3. Design and development

After erected structure the specification, work on the world large web place is planned upon acceptance of the noted request, a deposit, and any typed content elements and graphics you hope to include. Here usually the layouts and navigation will be created as a prototype.

Some paying clients may be fascinated only in a full operational prototype. In this case we may want to present them the interactivity of the request for paid job or site. But in most of the instances buyer may be fascinated in considering two or three create with all diagrams and navigation.

There can be many of ideas and modifications from the buyer boundary, and all the modifications should be freezed before departing into the next phase. The amendments could be redisplayed by the world large web for the buyer to view.

As wanted, buyer observations, opinion and commendations can be conveyed by e-mail, fax and telephone.

Throughout the create point in time the assembly should deduce investigate strategies and processes for worth assurance. It is needed to receive customer commendation on create and venture plans.

In comparable the Database assembly will sit and appreciate the prerequisites and deduce the database with all the written knowledge compositions and test written knowledge will in addition be prepared.

Our Input

  • Requirement specification

Our Output

  • Site create with templates, Images and prototype.

4. Content writing

This phase is necessary mostly for the web sites. There are representative content developers any person who can write industry actual and relevant content for the site. Content writers to add their text can utilize the arrange templates. The grammatical and spelling investigate ought be through in this phase.

Our Input

  • Designed template.

Our Output

  • Site with formatted content.

5. Coding

Now its programmers turn to add his computer encrypting without perturbing the design. Unlike conventional create the developer ought recognise the interface and the computer encrypting should not perturb the view and sense of the place or application. So the developer should appreciate the create and navigation. If the place is dynamic then the computer encrypting should utilize the template. The developer may want to merge with the designer, in rank to appreciate the design. The designer may want to deduce some graphic buttons when ever the developer is in want, principally while employing some configuration buttons. If a assembly of developers is toiling they should use a CVS to manipulate their sources. Coding assembly should engender needed investigating strategies as well as practical documentation. For instance Java users can use JavaDoc to deduce their written material to appreciate their computer encrypting flow. The end-user documentation can in addition be organised by the encrypting assembly, which can be employed by a practical journalist who can appreciate them, drafts aids and manuals later.

Our Input

  • The place with configurations and the prerequisite specification.

Our Output

  • Database moved ahead roles with the place, Coding documents.

6. Testing

Unlike software, web grounded submissions deficiency intensive assessing, as the submissions will regularly run as a multi-user system with bandwidth limitations. Some of the assessing which ought be done are, Integration assessing, Stress assessing, Scalablity assessing, bag assessing, resolution assessing and cross-browser compatibility testing. Both automated assessing and manual assessing ought be done without fail. For case its was deficient to tryout speedy topping higher graphics and to calculate their topping higher time, as they are very noteworthy for any web site. There are definite assessing tools as well as numerous online assessing tools which can assist the testers to tryout their applications. For case ASP developers can exercise Microsoft’s Web Application Test Tool to tryout the ASP submissions, which is a loose tool available from the Microsoft site to download.

After doing all the assessing a survive assessing is necessary for web sites and web grounded applications. After uploading the site there ought be a achieve testing(E.g.. Links test)

Our Input

  • The site, Requirement specifications, encouraging records, systematic specifications and systematic documents.

Our Output

  • Completed application/site, assessing tells, fault logs, frequent interaction with the developers and designers.

7. Promotion

This phase is pertinent simply for web sites. Promotion requires preparation of meta tags, constant analysis and yielding the URL to the track down drives and directories. There is a items written material in this site on site ad, click here to read it. The site ad is usually an ongoing process as the strategies of track down drive may modification fairly often. Submitting a site URLs once in 2 months can be an ideal request for employment policy. If the customer is willing, afterward compensated click and compensated requests for employment can also be done with other cost.

Our Input

  • Site with content, Client sends citing the competitors.

Our Output

  • Site request for employment with necessary meta tag preparation.

8. Maintenance and Updating

Web sites will want somewhat regular updations to retain them very fresh. In that case we want to perform examination over, and all the other life cycle steps will repeat. Bug fastens can be wrapped up as long as the time of maintenance. Once your world large web place is operational, ongoing endorsement, practical support, content organisation & updating, place visit pursuit descriptions, personnel coaching and mentoring is wanted on a standard foundation be reliant on the complexity of your world large web place and the wants in your organization.

The above-mentioned steps only are not stringent to world large web request for paid job or world large web place development. Some steps may not applicable for certain tasks. Its be reliant on the cost and time included and the necessity. Sometimes if it is a intranet place, then there will be no place promotion. But even if you are a tiny development firm, if you take on certain arranging along with this world large web mechanical apparatus steps in psyche, it will absolutely reflects in the Quality of the outcome.

Our Input

  • Site/Application, content/functions to be renewed, re-Analysis reports.

Our Output

  • Updated request for paid job, sustaining written material to other life cycle steps and teams.

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